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Uploading a Photo

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Our prints are quality "gicléé" prints. Prices on our price list (click here).

Use this page to upload the photo you want us to print, or the photo you want us to restore for you.

We can print .JPG, .PNG, .TIF, .HEIC, .CR2, .NEF, other raw formats, and all other current picture formats.

If you have special or non-standard requirements, or if we have questions, we will contact you before we restore or print your photo.

If you want us to restore an old, faded, or damaged photo, please make an excellent quality scan. If the scan is not of sufficient quality, we will contact you. You can always come to the store to have us make a quality scan of any picture you have.

We will contact you, using the contact details you provided, once the work is done.