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Preserve Your Past.

Old photos can fade, get scratched and ripped, and discolour:  before you know it, your priceless memory of the past is gone. Once that process starts, it only gets worse. But don't worry: we will take your old photo (or negative, or slide), electronically scan it, and combining art, craft and technology, restore it to its old glory.

How does it work?

It's simple. Bring in your photo, negative, or slide or upload a quality scan, and our highly skilled staff will electronically scan it, and then restore and repair it, and then produce a "giclée" print, using pigments that will not fade, on high quality paper, at the size you require.

What does it cost?

When you bring in your photo, we will tell you what is possible, and we will give you a quote. Most restorations cost either $20 or $50. Extensive restorations may cost more.

Can I trust the process?

Certainly. The work you give us never leaves the store: we do all the work in-store and we treat your photos with the respect they deserve.

What can you fix?

As the examples show, we can fix pretty much everything, including fading, discolouration, patterns, scratches and rips. missing parts, and more. We'll tell you what we can do when you bring in your photo.

How long does it take?

Depending on the amount of work required and the time available, we can usually do it in 5-10 days. Or sooner: if you are in a rush, let us know when you bring in the photo.

What Should I Do Now?

Simple: bring in your old photo, negative or slide (or email a good scan), and we'll tell you what we can do, and we'll advise on the sizes you can print the restored picture at. And if you give us the go-ahead we'll get to it quickly!