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June 2020: As a temporary measure, all in-store classes are now taught as one-on-one only. This is to protect your safety, and is in line with government measures limiting people in the store at any one time.

To facilitate that, the price of one-on-one tuition is now not $95 per hour, but just $60 per hour. That is a 35% temporary discount! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get one-on-one training from an award-winning educator and photographer: your class, your pace, your equipment - temporarily for far less than the regular price.

This measure is only in force while store customer numbers are strictly limited for safety and by government rules. But rest assured, if you buy these hours now, these will be honoured even later, after regular pricing resumes.

*) Note that multiple-student classes are, for now, only available online. All other classes are one-on-one as described above.

"Went to a Kelby all day Seminar a while ago. Got far more useful info out of a few hours with you than I did spending all day with him". - Jim C.