Michael Willems Photo

Michael's mission is to enable you to be a great photographer, and to print your photos, use them on social media, and create or buy wall art to enrich your life.

Michael provides premium, high end products and services for very reasonable prices. The prices listed here represent a sample; come to the store or contact us for full details and individual requirements.

Come see the permanent exhibit of original work! Prices for Michael Willems original Wall Art start at a special $45 for 13x19" ready to frame Giclée prints, and go up to $1637 for limited edition 40" wide framed prints.

All prints are on permanent media and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Come into the  store to see the current range of options and prices.


Business headshot: up to 15 minutes. Includes shoot plus one print-ready image file, professionally finished: $99.

Become a photography pro at the Michael Willems School of Photography. Groups of only 1-4 students!

2-hour group lesson: $75

2.5 hour group lesson: $75

4-week package: $299

6-week package: $429

8-week package: $549

Bring-a-friend: 1.5 x fee

Please drop by to see the current schedule, curriculum, and prices.

Private lessons: $95 / hour.

See Current Curriculum and Pricing

You can make prints on our self service machines, ranging from $0.37 to $4.95, and we are always here to help. We also print for you on our larger format pro printers, using professional museum-quality pigments and papers.

Samples prices:

* Giclée print, ready-to-frame, 13x19" permanent pigments on pro paper, digitally finished: $29

* Canvas Wrap, 20x30": $176

* Metal print, 20x30": $230

* Acrylic print, 20x30": $380

Please come in to see all the options and prices, available frames, etc.

We also offer photo editing and retouching services. We take your photo (digital or print) and professionally edit and repair it before printing.







Additional Prints:

     4x6     $ 6.95

     5x7     $ 13.95

     8x10   $ 19.95

     13x19" Giclée: $49.95

Digital Images: $19.95 each.

Five or more: $9.95 each.

Location portraits: Starting at $295. Details on request.

These prices do not include 13% HST. Many options are available for additional photos, prints, etc. Please come into the studio to see the full range of options.

Family 5x7 Special: up to 15 minutes. Includes shoot plus one 5x7 photo, professionally finished. $49.  (For extra photos or digital images, upgrade to package "A" or "B".)

Family Package "A": up to 30 minutes. Includes shoot plus two 5x7 photos, professionally finished. $99.

Family Package "B": Up to 60 minutes. Includes shoot plus four 5x7 Photos, professionally finished. $149.


Our Ready-to-Use Products include accessories, frames, supplies, selected lenses and flash units, and:

   – Honl Flash Modifiers

   – Photo Gifts

A range of other items is available on request. Come in to the store to discuss!

Bring me your old, faded, or damaged negative, slide, or photo and we will restore it and make a quality print that brings out its potential. A great everlasting gift for your family!

Bring in your old photo, slide or negative and we will outline your options.

Photo Scan: $1.95

Negative/Slide scan: $2.95

Basic Retouch: $3.95

Extra Retouch: $4.95

Extensive work: $95/hour

Custom work: $95/hour

See more details on this service here.

We now also arrange for your colour negative film to be developed:

*24 exp $9.00 per roll

*36exp $10.95 per roll.

*120 only $10.95 per roll

(Blank roll: same cost applies)

* 220 not available.

Developing only. Rolls will be sleeved in length. Allow 1-2 weeks; rush option available at extra charge.