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What People Are Saying About Michael's e-books:

"Perhaps the single best photography book I have read"

"Books are easy to read through"

"Your teaching is first class, in its being both articulate and practical"

"It is rather clear from your book that you are still in love with photography"

"Clearly a doctorate level presentation"

"You've made learning photography fun"

"Your use of the English language excels"

"The manner in which  you explain things far surpasses that of the many others whom I have taken courses from"

"Your wit comes through as well, making your book and cookbook a good read"

"Absolutely treasure and refer to the books on a regular basis"

NEW: Mastering Your Camera, 4th edition

ISBN 978-0-9950800-8-9

The Ultimate Guide To Learning Your Camera: a new edition of the renowned 189-page e-book by award-winning photographer and educator Michael Willems. Its unique learning approach gets you shooting professionally in a short time.

Michael avoids jargon, and what jargon is needed, he explains. And yet, as an engineer, he includes a lot of technical information as well as tips on lenses, composition, and post-production. The ultimate guide to finally mastering your  camera!


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NEW: Mastering Your Camera, 4th edition

ALL SEVEN EBOOKS - The full set of Michael Willems's bestselling ebooks:

- Mastering Your Camera

- Pro Flash Manual

- Stunning Landscape Photography

- Powerful Portrait Photography

- Photography Cookbook

- Impactful Travel Photography

- Pro Photography Checklists

This amazing set of ebooks will make you a competent photographer in the shortest time possible. Without assuming any prior knowledge, Michael takes you through the entire process of becoming an expert at photography. These books are extenive, and have no inconvenient DRM. Aimed at beginner to advanced intermediate level photographers.

(After you pay for the books, you will receive your download link by mail within 24 hours).