Michael Willems Photo

Michael's mission is to enable you to be a great photographer, and to print your photos, use them on social media, and create or buy wall art to enrich your life.

The Curricum is flexible—Michael can teach any subjects in th eorder you like, according to your need. But if you want a regular structured approach, look no further.


The Syllabus includes the following courses, which are scheduled regularly. You can take one on one classes, or regular scheduled classes, or multi-week courses.

THE FUNDAMENTALS (each classroom course 2 hours/$75):

     CD101 Canon DSLR Basics 1

     ND101 Nikon DSLR Basics 1

     DB101 DSLR Basics 1

     DB102 DSLR Basics 2

     PS101 Point and Shoot Basics

     SM101 Smartphone Basics

     SP101 From Snapshot to Photograph

CONTINUED (each classroom course 2.5 hours/$95):

     CA201 Camera Advanced 1

     CA202 Camera Advanced 2

     ML201 The Magic of Lenses

     PC201 Photographic Composition and Light

APPLIED (each classroom course 2.5 hours/$95):

     LL301 Learning Lightroom

     FP301 Flash Photography

     FP302 Flash Photography Hands On     

     TF301 Travel Photography

     DS301 Developing Your Style

     PP301 Portrait+Studio Photography

     DV301 Using a DSLR for Video

     EP301 Event Photography

     MP301 Macro and Product Photography

     HS301 The Home Studio

ONE ONE ONE or "bring a friend" (total 1–2 people)

     Subjects as above: $95/hour (solo) or $149/hour (2 people)

     Custom Subject: Quote on request

Recommended sequence: Take a "Fundamentals" lesson (2, if you have an SLR). Then take all of the "Continued" lessons. Then your choice of "Applied" lessons. Come into the store and discuss your options.


Our Differences

You will learn photography in person—in small groups (no more than 4–10 students) or in private.

You get an experienced teacher, not a shop assistant. A teacher who is also a professional photographer.

We will not try to sell you cameras–you get truly independent advice.

Join the thousands of satisfied students who can now call themselves professional photographers! Come into the store or contact Michael today for more information, course schedules, etc.



DID YOU KNOW? Michael offers a "Total Happinesss Guarantee". If for any reason you are not utterly delighted with the course, you get your money back!

DID YOU KNOW? You can sign up for individual or small group courses in the store. Come see the schedule and the options!

DID YOU KNOW? Michael's courses invariably get 100% approval rating. Taught by real photographers and truly independent: no camera selling!


Start here.  Take one of these (or both 1 and 2, if you have a DSLR)


Then take your choice of any or all of these options.

Then continue by taking all these.





4-WEEK COURSES ($245):

     4W1  Fundamental Skills

     Camera basics 1 & 2

     Camera Advanced


     4W2  Applied Skills


     Flash Photography

     Lightroom/Editing Basics